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Hellgate is a success in the more revolutionary areas of its gameplay, though more attention could have been paid to the typical action RPG elements.

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Hellgate VR announced at SIEK Developer Conference

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The Hellgate series is returning, and this time it’s in VR. Announced at Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea (SIEK), Hellgate VR has been shown off on the PlayStation 4 using the PSVR headset.

If you don’t remember much about the Hellgate series, it was created by Flagship Studios. Flagship Studios was made up of a number of high level ex-Blizzard employees. The company’s first and only game was Hellgate: London, an action role-playing game in the same style as Diablo, except you could play from a first-person perspective. We thought the game was pretty good, giving it a 7.0, however a lot of critics thought the exact opposite.

Hellgate: Tokyo launches, today - HanbitSoft planning sequel?

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Formerly Hellgate: London, free-to-play action-RPG MMO Hellgate Global's first expansion, Hellgate: Tokyo, has launched today for the low price of $2 USD, and new publisher HanbitSoft may be planning a sequel already.

Hellgate expands to Tokyo on September 22

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The demonic hordes of Hellgate will be invading Tokyo next week on September 22. The new location will feature new quests, monsters, gear and more.

Hellgate to begin beta on June 5

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The closed beta for the Diablo-like MMO Hellgate: London, now simply called Hellgate, will begin on June 5, 7:30pm.

Hellgate back this June, closed beta

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This early June will see the return of Hellgate as a short closed beta will run from the 3rd to the 5th, and it will launch fully as a free-to-play MMO later in 2011.

Team up or go solo to fight evil and choose between "six different unique class types". Hellgate is an action-RPG being reworked by T3 Entertainment.

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