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Third and final update now out for space 4X Horizon

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Developer L3O Interactive has released the third update for its 4X space strategy title Horizon, which along with fixing several bugs adds full mod support, allowing modders to create their own quests and content.

There's also eight new random events, an automatic Governor mode that allows you to hand off control of planets in the late game, and optimisation for "super fast" turns late on if you're running a large galaxy game.

L30 Interactive release free update for 4X game Horizon

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Developers L3O Interactive have released a free update for their 4X space strategy game Horizon. The update contains several changes designed to "make the game more challenging", as well as improvements suggested by the community.

Space 4X Horizon now on Steam

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Iceberg Interactive announce the arrival of space 4X Horizon on Steam. It's from Canada's L3O Interactive, and explores humanities expansion beyond the solar system.

Two ancient races appear to be in our galactic neighbourhood, and each has their own designs for the future. Iceberg is happy to bring "another compelling 4X space strategy" to PC.

Iceberg happy to 'be in the mix' with space 4X, "don't want to be all powerful"

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Iceberg Interactive, galactic advocates of the space 4X genre, acknowledge they can see why PC gamers might see them as 'champions' of the genre but really are just happy to do their part in the market.

The publisher isn't after the big guys like EA or Activison, and so have focused instead on niche markets like space 4X, which has proven the "most important for us."

In the Shadow of Orion

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Joe Robinson talks to Iceberg's CEO about how they've become the champions of the space 4X genre.

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