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I Am Alive Features

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Preview: Ubisoft goes all out to create a survival game that is actually quite rare. In I Am Alive death and danger lingers around every corner.

RAGE, Fallout and Left4Dead have proven in recent years that there’s still a thirst among gamers for an engaging post-apocalyptic adventure, but rather than piggyback on the success of others by creating a “typical” action-packed, bullet-soaked crusade, Ubisoft has dared to do something a little different with its latest Xbox Live and PSN title, I Am Alive. Combining...

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Preview: I Am Alive is Alive. Here's how it's looking so far...

I Am Alive wouldn't be the first game to pull the great "I Technically Exist But You'll Never Hear Anything About Me" Trick, and it probably won't be last either. First announced in 2008, this intriguing survival adventure was never heard from again until very recently - I guess we can be thankful it's only been three years. The real test though is whether the time spent...