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Imperium Galactica II - Alliances Summary

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THQ Nordic Is Bringing Imperium Galactica I And II Back To Steam/GOG Later Today

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There's been plenty of modern-day releases when it comes to the 4X space-strategy genre. But what if you just want to take a time out and go back to where it all began? THQ Nordic are all for the idea, so they're bringing back Imperium Galatica. Today.

Nordic Games adds a big list of small IPs to its portfolio

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Nordic Games is really amassing quite the collection of games. I mean, seriously, the list is starting to look like my Steam library, half of it made up of classics and the other half made up of tiny, weird things that I’ve never heard of but somehow own.

Digital Reality working on new Imperium Galactica, to use Stargazer engine

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Stupendous intergalactic news as developer Digital Reality announces a new Imperium Galactica is in the works, and it'll be powered by their Stargazer engine that generates "unique planets" in real-time.

The studio warns the game is "still very much in its early stages," but that it's set in an online universe. They talk of a long-term development with "playable phases" to be rolled out eventually.

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