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Steam's January 7th batch includes 50 Greenlit titles

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A whopping new batch of games has been Greenlit this week for a release on Steam. Votes aren't enough for a title to pass muster as Valve take many external factors into consideration before stamping approval.

How was a title received critically? How did its crowd-funding go? Did it do well on platform X? The votes help Valve take a closer look at those trying to muscle in on the Steam Library.

Alpha demo released for interstellar artillery game Interplanetary

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Indie developer Team Jolly Roger's sci-fi tactical strategy game Interplanetary, currently on Steam Greenlight, takes the basic concept of the classic Artillery game and expands it to interstellar scale, where players use gravity on a planetary scale to fire at their enemies. The game also will also feature resource management, tech research, and espionage.