Interplanetary Enchanced Edition Summary

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Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition – Team 17 launching this sci-fi turn-based strategy today at 5pm BST

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Team17 and independent developer Team Jolly Roger announced today that it's going to release the Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition on Steam today at 5pm BST.

Interplanetary is a sci-fi turn-based strategy artillery game, which was originally released in 2015, and featured massive battles between the home planets that players controlled using artilleries to bombard one another.

Steam's January 7th batch includes 50 Greenlit titles

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A whopping new batch of games has been Greenlit this week for a release on Steam. Votes aren't enough for a title to pass muster as Valve take many external factors into consideration before stamping approval.

How was a title received critically? How did its crowd-funding go? Did it do well on platform X? The votes help Valve take a closer look at those trying to muscle in on the Steam Library.

Alpha demo released for interstellar artillery game Interplanetary

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Indie developer Team Jolly Roger's sci-fi tactical strategy game Interplanetary, currently on Steam Greenlight, takes the basic concept of the classic Artillery game and expands it to interstellar scale, where players use gravity on a planetary scale to fire at their enemies. The game also will also feature resource management, tech research, and espionage.