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Into the Stars gets March 4th release date

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Space roguelike Into the Stars has been in Steam Early Access since July 2015, and developer Fugitive Games has announced the game will finally be released this coming March 4th on Steam for $19.99.

Into the Stars gets difficulty levels in the 0.2 update

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Into the Stars is a space exploration game in which players captain a starship that's on the run from hostile forces, and must scavenge resources and personnel along the way; basically FTL with better graphics. The game is currently on Steam Early Access and a new patch, 0.2, is now live.

Second Early Access patch for Into the Stars, adds 'Quick Launch' for ship loadouts

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Space can be a pretty unforgiving mistress, especially when your civilian refugees have a serious case of space diarrhoea and your top-notch pilot got killed by an alien hermit. Welcome to Into the Stars on Early Access.

Fugitive Games have now released the second patch for the Early Access space roguelike, and they've added a much requested 'Quick Launch' option which remembers your last ship loadout. Hurrah!

Fugitive Games release first patch for Into the Stars, adds 16:10 support and Windowed mode

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The merciless space sim Into the Stars has just received its first patch since debuting through Steam Early Access. The biggest additions atop the changelog are support for 16:10 ratios and Windowed mode.

Other tweaks include a 'Take All' button for resources, more planet events, adjusted the 'auto interact' distance with planets and generally started chipping away at bugs. Their priority is to "remove barriers to entry" for players.

Into the Stars arriving on Steam Early Access today

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Get ready to captain your ARK-13 starship from today as Fugitive Games' open-world journey through perilous space arrives on Steam Early Access. Backers have already received their keys.

Those who pledged were meant to be already enjoying the Early Access version, but what can only be the fault of an alien conspiracy, backer keys wouldn't unlock the game before today.

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