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Inversion Features

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Preview: Joe Robinson gives us an updated look at Inversion.

So, not long to go now before the world is inverted and all our 9/10’s become 1/10’s and generally shit be going down. Namco Bandai’s Inversion may not be making quakes as big as the ones featured in the game, but there’s some interesting enough ideas here and despite the slightly obvious Gears comparisons. In a secret location on the ceiling of Namco Bandai’s UK offices, we got extensive...

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Preview: Because inverting your controls just isn't enough anymore...

There's a lot of broo-ha-ha about game design these days, especially in the shooter genre. The old guard will tell you everything is too linear and controlled now, and not as 'open' as the games of old, and they're probably right to an extent. Still, if you can't compromise on the structure of your level design, then the least you can do is try to hide it better which is where...