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Jagged Alliance: Back in Action Review

Chris Capel moves, pauses, clicks five times, has his gun jam and then dies. Many times.

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Total waste of time, not a J.A. game at all ! · by JoeyZaza ·

This is not a Jagged Alliance game, other than using it in the title to try and lure in some easy sales. It's not even a turn-based tactical game - it's an action game with a bastardized pause-and-go that really doesn't work at all.

When will company executives learn that you don't fix what isn't broken ? The answer seems obvious, with offerings such as this game in stores - NEVER! Sigh.

If you're in search of some quality turn-based tactical level gaming, you'll have to keep looking because there's none here (again, this game isn't even turn-based). Move along, move along.

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