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Fans keeping defunct MMO Jumpgate alive with 'The Reconstruction Initiative'

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NetDevil's presumed drifting in the void MMO Jumpgate is still twitching thanks to a band of dedicated community members behind 'Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative'.

The studio met its end when it began laying off employees, with Jumpgate left in the lurch. However the Jumpgate TRI team is determined it lives on in some form or another.

Ex-NetDevil devs working on PvP space simulation game

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Ex-NetDevil developers Scott Brown and Ryan Seabury, who were responsible for the space sim JumpGate, have founded their own development studio, END! Games, and have revealed their new project on Kickstarter, Squad Wars. The devs have called it "Jumpgate Evolution Evolved".

Jumpgate Evolution dev sued

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Codemasters is unhappy with how long it's taking sci-fi MMO Jumpgate Evolution and so they've launched a lawsuit against Netdevil and Gazillion.

They cite breach of contractual agreements by missing its February 24th, 2009 deadline to ship the game. They want all their invested cash back.

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