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Newest Humble Bundle offers premium Square Enix on the cheap

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Humble Bundle has been a fantastic way to donate to a charitable cause to help those in need while helping yourself to some rather lovely games in the process. This season, Humble Bundle has teamed up with Square Enix to offer a doozy of a deal, not least of which includes getting Life is Strange Episode 1 for only a dollar.

Avalanche "would have rocked" an open world Star Wars game, 'deal was close'

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There are some things best kept secret, and this is perhaps one of them. According to an exchange between a former Avalanche Studios bigwig and their current CCO, the Just Cause dev almost had Star Wars.

In fact they "almost got that deal" sealed, according to former studio manager Oskar Burman. If it had of gone through, LucasArts "would be alive today," replied Christofer Sundberg.

Just Cause's Avalanche with Square Enix on "ground breaking" open world

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It seems Swedish studio Avalanche is closer to naming Just Cause 3 as in development, as it describes a "ground breaking" project that's an "action title". Is it for Xbox 360 and PS3?

Christofer Sundberg of Avalanche back in April commented that Just Cause would be "perfect" for the next Xbox and PlayStation platforms. The studio has two more projects undisclosed.

Avalanche: PS4 or 720 on shelves in 2014

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Developer Avalanche, best known for the Just Cause series, has announced that it is opening a new development outpost in New York City, and that it'll be working on a game aimed at the next gen of consoles from Microsoft and Sony, which they feel will be released in 2014.

Avalanche: Square Enix or Eidos "owns the IP" of Just Cause

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Sorry but Avalanche Studios can't just get to work on another instalment to Just Cause as "Eidos or Square Enix" are actually the owners of the franchise.

They'd "very much like to do" another one especially with multiplayer features and co-op as that "would be awesome", declared designer Axel Lindberg.

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