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Just Cause 2 Features

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Preview: Avalanche's 'chute 'em up is almost here... (Xbox 360)

It hasn't been that long since we last visited the island paradise of Panau where a nasty dictatorial dictator is dictating and transforming the sunny locale into an oppressive dictatorship. We went along to Square Enix's London office anyway and took a second look at the game, which is now nearing completion and gearing up for its impending release. <span...

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Preview: Why? Just 'cause. (PC).

You’ve got to admire Rico Rodriguez, swarthy star of Just Cause and all-round, super spy, badass and fiery Latino lover. He is for all intents and purposes, the Latino James Bond. Not only is he cool and calm in a heated gunfight, he’ll happily leap off a vertigo-inducing cliff edge with nary a passing thought for self-preservation. So it was in the first Just Cause and so it continues to...

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Preview: Just Chaos might be a more accurate title..

Slumped into a beanbag, neck craned up towards the big screen, we’re about as far away from Just Cause’s adventurous hero Rico - who opens the demo we’re being shown falling from thousands of feet through the clouds - as we can possibly get. Immediately, we’re drawn into the action as Rico Rodriguez opens his parachute at the last moment, descending into a small village inhabited by...

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Interview: Rich parachuted into The Hospital Club in London, abseiling through the roof to talk to Avalanche’s Peter Johannson, Lead Designer on Just Cause 2.

Skydiving into the swanky members only Hospital Club near London’s Covent Garden, we took some time out to find out a bit more about Rico Rodriguez’s second action-packed outing. Chewing the fat with Just Cause 2’s Lead Designer, Peter Johannson, we discussed creating chaos in the game’s huge open world, the importance of crafting an expansive island full of meaningful things to do and the opportunity for...