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Lone Survivor: Director's Cut free to owners of original

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Superflat Games is releasing the "enormous update" of the Director's Cut to their indie survival horror Lone Survivor this Halloween, and creator Jasper Byrne says it'll be free to original owners on PC and Mac.

What was originally planned as a "very slightly updated version" of Lone Survivor turned into a "ten-month odyssey." The Director's Cut offers the game as intended with "no compromises".

Creepy psychological indie game Lone Survivor heading to PS3, Vita

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Indie developer Jason Byrne's post-apocalyptic horror adventure Lone Survivor, which was launched on Steam last April, will be heading to PlayStation 3 and Vita.

Survive all alone in indie title Lone Survivor, disease and insanity

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What if you were the last human alive in a world ravaged by disease? Well you can find out in Superflat Games' indie developed Lone Survivor, coming soon.

It's a 2D game that has us venture from our safe apartment looking for supplies while managing our character's sleep, meals and maintaining his sanity.