Lost Planet 3 Features

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Preview: How a planet stays lost for this long I don- oh wait, it's a prequel...

The problem with giving a running franchise to another team is that there’s always a possibility that the game that the new team makes may not feel anything like the previous games. Such is possibly the case with Lost Planet 3. It’s not that Spark aren’t doing a good job so far – there’s quite a few plus points that I’ll go into in a bit – but whilst Lost Planet 1 & 2 felt like a Japanese...

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Preview: We get an updated hands-on look at Lost Planet 3.

I'm reliably informed that it's the sequel many developers like working on more than the original game or, presumably, the threequel. At that point, the initial concept hasn't yet lost its allure while the inflated budget and recognition allows for greater scope and more of the features that were perhaps left on the cutting room floor the first time round to be incorporated.