Max Payne 3 Features

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Preview: Max Payne is back and balder than ever!

Max Payne was released ten years ago on PC, the PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox. Whilst it was a standard third-person shooter with unbelievably cheesy dialog, it was a smash hit because of its standout technical innovation: bullet time. This emulated The Matrix's famous visual effects in which perception is slowed down so much, individual bullets can be seen in flight. That, and its...

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Preview: Strategy Informer goes hands-on with Max Payne 3 from PAX East 2012.

At PAX East 2012, Strategy Informer was given the chance to gets some hands-on time with the single player campaign in Rockstar's long-awaited shooter Max Payne 3. The platform the game was played on was the Xbox 360 version, so the impressions are based on that build. The first scenario was a bar shootout with Max Payne dealing with a group of gangstars in a New York...