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There's A Chance We'll Never Know The True Story Of Max Payne

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The more you think about it, the more you can argue that Max Payne - and quite a few other action games - are greatly exaggerated stream of events. But in the direct case of Max Payne, there's a strong chance that it was Max himself doing the exaggeration.

Following Fan Backlash, Take-Two Ease Their Grip On GTA V Mods - OpenIV Is Back Online

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In light of vast criticism, Take-Two have begun to relax the guidelines dictating which modding communities they'll seek to shut down in the future.

Remedy Entertainment Hopes To Retain Its IP Licenses By Entering The Finnish Stock Market

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With Remedy's co-founder and face of Max Payne - Sam Lake - appearing at all sorts of media events over the last month, it stands to reason he and his company wish to expand their grasp on the industry. And if a proposed IPO goes as planned, Remedy Entertainment will be well on their way to that goal.

Remedy Entertainment Confirms Work Has Begun On A New Project - Codenamed 'P7'

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Remedy Entertainment is always said to be working on something, but they're never very clear as to what it is. Things start, things end and then they're making games for other companies. According to Gamespot, however, they've finally (officially) starting on something new.

Modders find 'horses and zombies' in Grand Theft Auto V files

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The PC modding community has been busy pulling apart the once secure files of Grand Theft Auto V, and have discovered some material references to horses and the shuffling undead. Technically it does have a zombie already.

While the creative juices maybe flowing in the community, so far very little is possible to change in the game. We're not quite there yet adding in the superheroes and piano cars, but we're now a step closer.

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