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Metro Exodus Delayed Until Q1 2019, Statement From Deep Silver

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THQ Nordic has announced during its earnings report that Metro Exodus has been pushed back from a Q3 2018 release until Q1 2019.

Halting Rumors Of A 2017 Release, Metro Exodus Debuts With A 2018 Placeholder

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Those of you extensively following the Metro 2033 universe have probably been clamouring for a new game for quite some time. With new books always on the horizon, it's understandable to see the words as necessary new plot material for future games. But we've gone a long time without one. Until now.

According to Deep Silver, The New Metro 2033 Title Will Not Arrive Next Year

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Reorganize those 2017 plans yet again, as Deep Silver has out-right denied the existence of a Metro 2033 game planned for next year.

The Closing Chapter Of The Metro Series Arrives Next Year

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In a sneak attack of the highest caliber, the Metro 2033 team are apparently hard at work gearing up to conclude the series with a new book and game next year.

Steam's Halloween Sales Is Live

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Steam's annual Halloween sale is now live and will run from October 28th until November 1st. Over 5000 items are on sale with varying discounts and the spotlight is on horror related games.

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