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Metro 2033 Redux Summary


Metro 2033 Redux Review

Head back to the tunnels in 4A's remastered version of Metro 2033.

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The Closing Chapter Of The Metro Series Arrives Next Year

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In a sneak attack of the highest caliber, the Metro 2033 team are apparently hard at work gearing up to conclude the series with a new book and game next year.

Metro 2033 to hit the silver screen, penned by book series author Dmitry Glukhovsky

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Variety has revealed that major film producer Michael De Luca has come to an agreement with author Dmitry Glukhovsky to bring Metro 2033 to the silver screen.

Deep Silver puts the oddest of pairings together in a new bundle

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Sometimes it slips the mind just how varied developer Deep Silver's back catalogue really is, right up until two of their bigger franchises are put side by side in a bundle. Interestingly enough that's exactly what is happening. Today Deep Silver put a bundle together on steam featuring the Saint's Row and Metro franchises.

Metro Redux hits top of the UK charts”

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Not bad for a re-release - 4A's remastered Metro Redux has taken the top spot in the UK gaming charts, knocking Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition (another re-release there) back down into second place.

It's not much of a chart right now to be honest, the dog days of Summer have left three remastered games to take the top spot, while the rest of the top 10 is made up of games that have been out a while already.

Metro's 4A Games after a more "sand-box-style experience - less linear"

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Metro 2033 and Last Light developer 4A Games is looking to add more sandbox in their next game. Their designers want a "less linear but still hugely story-driven" title.

Chief technical officer Oles Shishkovstov from 4A Games wouldn't go into much detail but did reveal they're toying with new approaches to visuals as well, leaning more on physics.

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