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Might & Magic Heroes VI Reviews


Might & Magic Heroes VI Review

Might be worth a look...

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Still in Beta · by Crayno ·

I've played the series starting with it's predesessor "King's Bounty" and I think it would be (And still can be) a worthy addition to the series.
Yes the changes are debatable and I don't like a lot of them but I still think they did a great job and made a potentially exellent game.
But the game should have never been released in this state. The official forums are bulging with disgrunted fans and the buglist thread has over 50 pages and counting.
If you're interested in this game I'd advise to wait to buy it until they fixed the bugs and the price has dropped. If they fix the majority of the bugs I'd easily rate the game with an 8 but for now I've stopped playing and I'm biding my time with other games until they fix this one

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It's good · by Kres ·

Hmm I'm playing it as well. Bought it a bit ago. Well, there are some issues with the game, but I like it. I'd give it 7.

2 issues:

1. On human campaign, I only had 2 missions?? Is that a bug or what?
2. You often meet a DEADLY final army and at times it's impossible to defeat them. Unless you click "E" for 50 times and get like 100,000 troops lol

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Opinion of a HOMM vet. · by SirRoderick ·

Aaaah. HOMM VI, we meet again.

I was personally very dissapointed by this game. I played the third, fourth and fifth in the series and this one has just taken too many steps toward simplification for me. Basically they took a lot of the features of the previous games that I thought made them shine and trampled on them a bit.

The city view is gone, replaced by a generic checklist affair. Branching promotions, the best addition in the HOMM V expansion, are gone. The unit upgrades don't even have different portraits anymore, they just look golden, which is just lazy.

Voice acting was never a strong suit, but this one makes me cringe when I hear it. Nothing ruins a game's atmosphere quite as fast as bad voice acting.

Elves are gone, as are the dwarves. Instead there's a weird Japanese-y faction. I hate that.

The skill system has lost the semi-random development which gave the various heroes a bit more individuality, if you ask me. This has been replaced by another checklist-affair.

The hero doesn't get an actual turn in battle anymore, which means you can actually forget to even use him. The same spell can't be cast more than once every three or four turns. And even the hero attack animation has taken a downgrade.

Resources...don't even get me STARTED on the missing resources!

And add to that a slew of smaller details.

I really didn't like it.

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