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Mirror's Edge: Catalyst delayed to May 2016

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Unfortunate news for the much anticipated sequel to the dynamic first-person runner. An announcement was made on the official Mirror's Edge website that the game would be pushed back to May 24th, 2016 in order to ensure enough time to make the game as perfect as possible.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst trailer shows off acrobatic sneaking and combat

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EA and DICE dropped the full Mirror’s Edge Catalyst trailer they were teasing earlier in the week, and it's looking pretty damned good. Hero Faith infiltrates an impossibly trendy corporate office, and then runs right back the other way when a full security squad shows up.

You can't tell too much from a brief gameplay demo, of course, but it looks like the level designers have done a good job of laying out potential free-running routes without undermining the illusion of an open city.

EA drops Mirror's Edge: Catalyst teaser video ahead of Gamescom

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Electronic Arts has tweeted the very first footage of Mirror's Edge: Catalyst in action, and although it's a very brief little snippet of the game's smooth free-running action, it's enough to get fans of the original excited.

Rather than the strict lines of the first game, Catalyst will offer players the chance to explore a huge open cityscape, with plenty of places for you to mistime a jump and fall a few hundred metres to land with a splat on an unfortunate civilian's car bonnet.

E3 2015: Mirror's Edge Catalyst won't contain any gun combat

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Mirror's Edge was a game about running, flipping and generally being an acrobatic parkour badass, so it always felt a bit weird when hero Faith picked up an enemy weapon. Though you could only keep a gun until the clip ran dry, shooting it at all felt at odds with the spirit of the game.

Recently announced sort-of sequel Mirror's Edge Catalyst takes things one step further; EA DICE has revealed to Polygon that gun combat won't feature in the game in any way.

E3 2015: EA's E3 Press Conference today @ 1.00pm PDT / 9.00pm GMT+1 - Watch it here! FINISHED

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This year's conference from EA is going to be dominated by one thing: Star Wars: Battlefront. The Press Conference will begin 1.00pm PDT / 9.00pm GMT+1 and run for about an hour. There's a bit to get through.

Aside from DICE's revival of Battlefront there's also BioWare's new expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic which adds new companions and worlds, and there's Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

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