Mount & Blade: Warband Features

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Preview: TaleWorld's silent wonder returns with a new expansion back that really exploits the games potential. (PC)

Mount & Blade was one of the silent stunners of 2008. A quaint little game, the fantasy-based medieval sandbox title was a breath of fresh air. The fact that it also came from a little known indie developer gave off a ‘rags to riches’ feel that just made the game appealing to a fairly wide audience. Sure, it wasn’t perfect, but considering its origins, it did a damn sight better then...

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Interview: We had a quick chat with Mount & Blade's producer, Cem Cimenbicer regarding the forthcoming expansion..

Turkish developer TaleWorlds released Mount&Blade back in September of 2008, bringing medieval swordplay down to earth with a realistic take on a fantasy world. Although the game was well received, it since has been criticised for its functional graphics and repetitious quests. In response, TaleWorlds has announced Warband, a significant expansion pack that will bring a whole host of improvements and features...