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Ms. Splosion Man Latest News

Microsoft "continuing to support" Games for Windows Live

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The PC gaming community might be unanimous in their disdain for Games for Windows Live, but creators Microsoft aren't ready to let their online gaming service die off just yet.

In a statement sent to Game informer the company said that they "are continuing to support the Games for Windows Live service".

PC version of Ms. Splosion Man lands 26th March

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Announced a year ago, the PC version of Ms. 'Splosion Man will finally be landing on the 26th March.

Twisted Pixel releases Ms. Splosion Man challenge, teases E3 announcement

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Twisted Pixel has released a new Cinco de Mayo series of themed challenges for their manic platformer Ms. Splosion Man. Even more intriguingly, the developer is teasing a new Xbox 360 title by the developer that will be announced on the 5th June for E3 2012.

PAX East 2012: Ms. Splosion Man sploding onto PC

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The guys at Twisted Pixel here at PAX East have told Strategy Informer that their manic platformer, Ms. Splosion Man, will be hitting PC this Summer. The game will be landing on Games for Window Live and Steam, in addition to iOS devices.

Splosion Man appearing in Retro City Rampage

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Retro City Rampage is an Xbox Live Arcade game that mimicks the old 16-bit SNES games of yore, and parodies many of the 1990's video game era tropes, with references to games of the past and of the present.

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