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Napoleon: Total War Reviews


Napoleon: Total War Review

Napoleon: Total War marches into stores in an attempt to conquer your hearts. With the shadow of Empire looming behind it though, can it succeed? (PC)

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Not what I expected · by nikola1010 ·

Not what would a man expect out of total war game. As if they just re-modelded European map from E:TW and put it into this. Cities don't exist on battle map, exept few villages with 3 houses. Units shooting from houses are also a problem coz 1 man shoots from window and 20 stand behind him douing nothing.
They didn't tried enough to bring the game to a better standing.

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Pure commercial endeavour. · by paelleon ·

I said it! When Rome TW was out I said it! Creative Assembly will end their TW serie with a Napoleon TW game. In that moment, years ago, I thought We will be able to command musket armed troops from 1600 to 1870 (american civil war was fought with smooth barrel muskets). Unfortunalty I did not thought that making such a good and complete game is not good for bussiness. Napoleon TW has fewer features than Empire TW, it is only a datadisk, an added campaign, spanning only 15 years (history is history). To let the player play that ridicolous 200 turns (same as Empire TW) the programmers shorten their duration, pathetic!
Personally I will never buy an Empire TW addon as a new game.
Now we can only wait Shogun TW 2, compact infantry groups died in the 1870.

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