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Next Car Game changes name to the slightly catchier Wreckfest

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The game with the most boring title in the world has changed its name at last; Bugbear’s online racer Next Car Game, currently in early access, is now officially known as Wreckfest.

Coinciding with the name change is the release of update Build #6, which adds 18-player multiplayer and new deathmatch modes.

Next Car Game updated with new Figure 8 derby, classic American Sedan

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The Steam Early Access of Bugbear Entertainment's Next Car Game has been tuned up with a new Figure 8 derby race event, and the classic American Sedan rolls its wheels onto the track.

There's also vary weather, a new cinematic camera for "taking snazzy screenshots" and a "hefty amount of other improvements" and bug fixes. All tracks are reversible.

Next Car Game meets funding goal thanks to Early Access orders

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Next Car Game developers Bugbear have bounced back after a troubled Kickstarter campaign, with their Early Access initiative meeting their original campaign goal in just one week.

Bugbear releases new Sneak Peek build of Next Car Game

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Despite a failed Kickstarter, Bugbear is continuing to hype up its upcoming car combat game Next Car Game, and has released a new "Sneak Peek" build of the game for free to gamers.

Bugbear cancels Next Car Game Kickstarter drive, offering tech "sneak peek" of game

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After only being able to raise $81K of the $350K Kickstarter goal, FlatOut developer Bugbear has announced that it would be releasing a "playable technology sneak peek" to fans of Next Car Game.