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Order of War Reviews


Order of War Review

Square Enix aims for the middle. (PC).

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8.8 My Score My Opinion · by Malthak ·

Good Points:A lot of action finally a RTS game with explosions and a big emphasis in fighting,clearly a RTS game,strategy is the key to victory in this game,great sound and effects,cinematic camera is extraordinary it really puts you into the battle

Bad Points:Balance gameplay issues,Germany is weak while America has the paratroopers who give a great advantage to the player,very few maps in skirmish

Synopsis:Capture control points,observe the battlefield and send your reinforcements to the best location and if you are tired of doing so just click the cinematic mod and watch the battle.A patch which fixes the balance issues i mentioned will make me vote for a much higher score,it is an authentic RTS game something that we wanted to see.Congratulations to the developers!

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