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Timothy Zahn's Parallax not funded, space 4X achieved less than 10%

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The Colorado Springs team behind Timothy Zahn's Parallax has unfortunately not met with a successful Kickstarter campaign for their space 4X, which has been authored by a Star Wars: EU novelist.

After a month long campaign Parallax achieved only $33,121 out of $350,000 from just 550 backers. Developer Prototype X may be down, but their Parallax project is not out.

Timothy Zahn's Parallax now live on Kickstarter, 32 days to raise $350,000

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Turn-based space 4X empire builder Timothy Zahn's Parallax is now live on Kickstarter with its campaign set to run for 32 days. The group is asking for $350,000 to create their game for PC, Mac and Linux.

Parallax is "heavily inspired by the feel and simplicity" of Master of Orion, as we lead our fledgling space-faring civilisation into greatness or utter and humiliating ruin.

Star Wars Extended Universe author relaunching space 4X Kickstarter for Parallax

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Timothy Zahn and Prototype X will be relaunching their Kickstarter for space 4X Parallax, a turn-based strategy inspired by genre grandfather Master of Orion. We'll direct "just about every aspect" of our civilization.

Zahn is an author who created Star Wars characters Grand Admiral Thrawn and Mara Jade, so he knows a thing or two about sci-fi settings. Parallax will support mods and be DRM-free.

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