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The Best Free Games On PC

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Need a free game on PC with which to spend all that extra time? Have a look at our list.

Path of Exile Goes Hardcore With Private Leagues

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The latest announcement confirms that players will soon be able to hand-craft their own special league events, with unique difficulty modifiers and such.

Path of Exile doubles in size today with free new expansion, The Fall of Oriath

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New expansion launches today after a successful beta period and is the largest since the game started in 2013. It'll also let you murder gods.

Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends - Path of Exile's 'Breach' Update Arrives December 2

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If you're a player of Grinding Gear Games' 'Path of Exile', you're probably aware of how big a day December 2 is for you. With the 2.5.0 update coming your way, you're likely already clued up as to what to expect. But for those who might have taken a break - or anyone vaguely interested in the game - here's a quick low-down of the upcoming 'Breach' update.

David Brevik Isn't Helping With a Diablo Sequel - Opts To Help Bring Competitor To China Instead

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Hearken back to just a few days ago. A day when Blizzard rumors were as rife as ever, and people had started to put two and two together after spotting Diablo II lead, David Brevik, back on the California campus amidst a slew of other Diablo related hints. Well, it turns out it had nothing to do with what we'd hoped. At least not for now.

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