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Planet Nomads Patch Notes - Patch 0.7.3

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Announced back in 2015, it took us two years to get some solid hands-on time with Planet Nomads. There's no shortage of space-based exploration sims on the market right now, but they're all still very much fighting for that top spot.

Planet Nomads Hits Early Access Today Long After Its Originally Projected April Release

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Despite originally slated to release out of Alpha and into Early Access in April, Planet Nomads never quite made it. Pushing back to May didn't have a definitive date for a while, but that date is actually today.

Planet Nomads Breaks Out Of Its Closed Alpha State And Onto Early Access April 18

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Still looking for your next open-world survival experience? Planet Nomads might fill the void felt behind by the last few that haven't quite lived up to the astronomical expectations of the average player.

First person sci-fi survival game Planet Nomads announced, coming to Kickstarter in January

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Indie developer Craneballs has announced an ambitious new game, Project Nomads, a first person science fiction open world survival game in which players take on the role of a spaceship survivor who has to survive on an unknown planet, using only his or her wits and the available resources.

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