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Learn All About The Typhon Infesting The Talos 1 In This Instructional Prey Trailer

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The Transtar group likely didn't manage to conduct much research by the time things went to hell in the new Prey title, but they did enough to demonstrate the combative prowess of the Typhon; and it's time you basked in their knowledge.

Bethesda’s E3 2016 press conference - what to expect, where to watch

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E3 is upon us! The Electronic Entertainment Expo has infiltrated the Los Angeles Convention Center, filling its halls with the latest and greatest games all the big publishers want you to know about. GameWatcher will be on hand to report the biggest news and give you hands-on coverage of the show's top games. The show floor doesn't officially open until Tuesday, but most of the big news will be revealed through the press conferences scheduled for Sunday and Monday.

Rumour: Prey 2 to be announced at E3

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You may remember the rumour Jason Schreier reported on a few years ago about the development of Prey 2. Basically, an anonymous source told Kotaku Arkane Austin had taken over the development of Prey 2 from Human Head.

Schreier reported on this story back in 2013. It’s been three years since this story broke so some of the details may have changed.

Human Head working on "a series of new IPs" that could reveal "publicly this year"

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Prey developer Human Head has managed to survive the painful cancellation of Prey's sequel, which Bethesda concluded at the time was 'not good enough'.

Such a big project loss could have ended the studio, and "needless to say we have our own perspective on the matter", said business director Tim Gerritsen. Human Head turned to helping other studios.

Prey 2 has been officially cancelled by Bethesda‏

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So long Prey 2, we hardly knew ye. Bethesda has officially confirmed that the sci-fi shooter, which looked reasonably promising when it emerged back in 2011, is no longer in production.

Bethesda’s head marketing bod Pete Hines revealed the news in an interview with CNet, explaining that the game wasn't living up to the publisher's expectations of quality.

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