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Prey Latest News

Learn All About The Typhon Infesting The Talos 1 In This Instructional Prey Trailer

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The Transtar group likely didn't manage to conduct much research by the time things went to hell in the new Prey title, but they did enough to demonstrate the combative prowess of the Typhon; and it's time you basked in their knowledge.

Human Head working on "a series of new IPs" that could reveal "publicly this year"

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Prey developer Human Head has managed to survive the painful cancellation of Prey's sequel, which Bethesda concluded at the time was 'not good enough'.

Such a big project loss could have ended the studio, and "needless to say we have our own perspective on the matter", said business director Tim Gerritsen. Human Head turned to helping other studios.

Xbox "Ultimate Sale" Day 1 features Assassin's Creed 3, Borderlands 2

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The first day of the Xbox 360 "Ultimate Game Sale" has some pretty good deals on Xbox Live Marketplace, with Assassin's Creed 3 being sold for $14.99 USD, Far Cry 3 for $19.99, Max Payne 3 for $9.99 and Borderlands 2 for only $9.99.

Reinhart: Prey 2 has "strong, powerful single-player experience"

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2012 bound shooter Prey 2 will take around 15 hours if you were to "haul ass," but it'll be much longer if you really pillage its open world and side quests.

It'd be great if "more people focused on single-player," said Human Head's Chris Reinhart. Avoid Call of Duty-style multiplayer if you can't "beat or exceed".

Prey 2 isn't being developed with id Tech 5

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Developer Human Head Studios created Prey and they return for the sequel which is scheduled to release next year for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

They're working with Bethesda for the sequel. The team is excited to "explore a new facet" of Prey's universe which features"an open, alien world."