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Quake Champions: Latest Dev Diary tackles Performance Improvements

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One of the fastest FPS games on the market needs to perform equally quickly on a vast variety of gaming machines. Here's the developers' take on it.

Play Quake Champions for Free... in the original Doom

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Can't afford or run Quake Champions? Modders have recreated it with Quake Champions: Doom Edition. That's 1993's Doom, no less.

Huge Update For Quake Champions Introduces New Map and Quake 3's Keel

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A big update for Quake Champions will drop on December 14 with a new Duel map called 'Vale of Pnath', Quake III Arena's Keel as a new champion, and some Holiday Cheer.

Dragonborn, Corvo and Vault Dweller are being considered for Quake Champions

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Tim Willits of id Software wants to see other Bethesda characters become champions in Quake Champions. But when are we getting Commander Keen?!

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