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Rage Features

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Preview: More than just deserts. (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Rage is awesome. And not just because id Software's Tim Willits says so, using the word at every given opportunity to describe Rage during the extended hands-off demo we're shown at a Bethesda showcase in Paris. From the moment he fires up the studio's first game since Doom 3, we're sucked into the rich and detailed world, which looks like it's running on a high-end PC, when in fact what...

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Preview: Rage is untethered, in the stony desert, and Chris Capel’s afraid he might fade away...

It was quite a simple affair really. Get in to Bethesda’s London office, sit down, watch the stunningly cool opening, play the first two hours of Rage, leave. Apart from Coke and biscuits that was it. Simple, no fuss, how preview events should be. Just a great game and you. Oh yes, and I should clarify – that’s my first two hours of Rage. Everyone else seemed to...