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Chris Capel doesn't have any arms, so we figured he was the perfect person to write about Rayman.

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After Beyond Good & Evil 2 Michel Ancel wants to make another Rayman game

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A post on Instagram of Rayman by Ancel shows that he still wants to make Rayman 4 if possible, a proper sequel rather than the prequels of Origins and Legends.

You Can Now Play A Slice Of The Rayman SNES Prototype In Your Emulator Of Choice

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Personally, one of my favourite games of the 90s was the original Rayman - a 2D platformer starting a 'man' with no limbs and floating hands/feet for whatever reason. It debuted on the Sony PlayStation - but a prototype for a SNES version was coming along nicely before it was ultimately shelved.

Ubisoft Is Giving You One Last Chance To Grab 6 Free Games - Including Beyond Good & Evil

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Why'd you still be looking for something to play in this particular month of the year is a question we'd usually ask; but if you're seriously still without gaming goods, Ubisoft has your back. Sort of.

Rayman Origins is going to be free on PC this month

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It’s Ubisoft’s 30th birthday! Congrats, Ubi! To celebrate, they’re giving out free stuff. Right now it’s Splinter Cell, and next week it will be Rayman Origins, which is a tremendously terrific 2D platformer.

Ubisoft releases announcement trailer for Child of Light

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Far Cry 3's creative director is behind Ubisoft Montreal's Child of Light, which is built using the same UbiArt Framework engine that powers Rayman Origins. It's a 2.5D platforming adventure.

We play as Aurora, a young princess who must fight the Black Queen who has "stolen the Sun, the Moon and the Stars." It's got a rather fetching art style for this JRPG-inspired adventure.

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