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How does a triad rise? Don't ask.

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AMID EVIL from the makers of Rise of the Triad and DUSK is inspired by Heretic/Hexen

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The next Retro FPS from the developers of Rise of the Triad and Dusk is out in 2018 and is based on Raven's classic Heretic and Hexen fantasy game series.

Apogee teases more Rise of the Triad news, coming "soon"

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It seems like publisher Apogee Software is cooking up some more Rise of the Triad, according to a cryptic tweet from the official account of the 2013 remake of the cult 1995 shooter. Whether this is another game from Interceptor Entertainent, who cooked up that enjoyable modern reboot, isn't yet clear.

Rise of the Triad developer Interceptor Entertainment announces new action RPG title Bombshell

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Rise of the Triad developer Interceptor Entertainment and publisher 3D Realms have announced new isometric action RPG Bombshell. The title, which follows the adventures of gun-for-hire Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison, will be released on PC and PS4.

Shadow Warrior and Rise of the Triad crash each other's party

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Shadow Warrior receives a Rise of the Triad crossover, while Rise of the Triad gets a Shadow Warrior crossover. It's crossover craziness.

Shadow's protagonist Lo Wang makes his way into Triad's multiplayer mode, while Triad's survival mode crosses back the other way.

1.1 patch now available for Rise of the Triad

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Apogee has announced that the 1.1 patch is now available for the updated remake Rise of the Triad. The patch not only features a host of fixes and tweaks, but also adds performance optimizations and five free extra multiplayer maps.

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