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Rocket League Latest News

Rocket League Patch Notes - 1.33

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Rocket League was something of a surprise hit. The basic idea of boost-enabled vehicles, two sides and a ball propelled itself to the top of the Steam charts - and just about every machine it arrived on in the future - the moment it was released.

Rocket League Teams Up With Dodge And Universal Studios To Offer Fast & Furious 8 DLC

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April Fools has become a staple of the Game industry over the last few years with the date people often overlook become prime time for community managers to sneakily gauge the reception of a potential project or crush the hopes and dreams of its community with a sequel or feature they want but can never have.

A Letter From Psyonix's CEO Regarding The Recent Rocket League Outages

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Transparency is key these days, and the Rocket League team is delivering it more than anyone right now. In light of recent traffic spikes and other unexpected issues, Psyonix's CEO has put out a lengthy message detailing how they're attempting to tackle the game's unsatisfactory wait times.

Rocket League - What Is Error 68 And How Do We Fix It?

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No game is perfect, but since the early days Rocket League has had its fair share of server issues produced by having a low-scope game become a sudden hit. Error 68 is the most notorious of these issues.

Rocket League Competitive Season 4 - What To Expect At Kick-Off

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With Rocket League's 'Dropshot' update planned for March 22, the date will mark the end of the current competitive Season 3 and, instantly, mark the beginning of Competitive Season 4. But how different is it going to feel?

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