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Psyonix Conjure Up Several Game Ideas Every Few Weeks, But They're In No Rush Thanks To Rocket League

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Rocket League is celebrating its second anniversary this month. With over 30 million players picking up the game across its current lifespan, there's still around 6-7 million of those playing every month.

Here Are The Times For Today's Rocket League Anniversary Update

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If you were prepared to stay up late waiting for Rocket League's big anniversary update; that's exactly what you'll need to do depending on your timezone.

A Plumbus Is All You Need For Rocket League's Birthday Update

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Rocket League is still a phenomenon, that's for sure. It's one of those games you'll likely throw yourself back into once the itch demands to be scratched. Whether you've been away for some time, or never left the league at all, you'll notice some new additions very soon.

Rocket League Nitro Crates - What's Inside These New Loot Boxes?

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Beginning on May 6, 2017, Rocket League will introduce a new range of its now classic Loot Crates - the Nitro Crate. Being the day before, we've only been given vague hints of what to expect inside these lock boxes - but we can at least share the knowledge and decide what we're going to aim for.

Neo Tokyo Returns In Tomorrow's Rocket League v.1.34 Update

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Rather than appear out of nowhere, the next major Rocket League update has a plan. It's coming out tomorrow, and you should all be excited!

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