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Rome: Total War Review

Rome overcame all comers in the days of the Republic, to emerge as the leader of the ancient world, and in Rome:Total War, you can also do the same....

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9.3 My Score My Opinion · by Malthak ·

Good Points:Massive armies,can zoom directly in the battle,many formations,great campaign.Also,historically acurate and extreme fun in Multiplayer.

Bad Points:The A.I is not so good when the soldiers are fighting.I have seen many times me general for example being hit from two guys while he just spins around without using his damn sword.Multiplayer is very enjoyable but it gets a bit boring some times.Maybe a campaign installment could fix this.

Synopsis:I am very proud that i call myself a Rome Total War gamer.This game has everything all you have to do is to go to the nearest store or to the official website and buy it.This game can never become "ancient".

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