Saints Row 4 Features

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Interview: I see your dildo bat and raise you a dub-step gun...

It’s going to take more than a company’s demise to stop The Saints – not even an Alien invasion seems to phase them. With Saints Row IV now officially announced, we’re starting to get a glimpse in to the crazy over-the-top world that Volition want to take us too next. We spoke to Senior Producer Jim Boone to ask him everything from Dildo Bats, to THQ and more:

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Preview: They said you couldn't get any better than a dildo bat. They were wrong.

What do you do when you have a game as outrageous, entertaining, and crazy as Saints Row: The Third? You crank everything up to 11 and release as sequel, obviously. As you will have no doubt heard last week, The Saints are back for another crazy adventure. With more Sci-Fi references and parodies that you could swing a dildo bat at, the Earth is under attack from a highly advanced alien...