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Saints Row: The Third Features

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Interview: We talk to one of the guys behind this silly, silly game...

Strategy Informer: You've mentioned how the story missions are going to provide unique experiences not possible in the main game. Is there a reason for that? Can the technology not handle it? James Torbit: It's more to do with tying those events into the storyline. There's two halves here - the...

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Preview: My dildo bat is bigger than yours...

When we first saw Saints Row: The Third, we thought we got a fairly good idea as to the direction it was taking - in an effort to distance itself from the competition, the latest Saints Row game has thrown reality out the window to give a no-holds-barred exercise in over-the-top action and plain silliness. It seems that despite being shown the big purple dildo-bats and...

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Preview: Oh dear.

Really, there was only two ways this was going to go down - with Saints Row's open-world nature bringing it into conflict with GTA (and on the outside, Just Cause et al), Volition were either going to have to start mimicking their competition, or taking one of their unique traits, in this case their light-hearted and anti-realistic tone, and expanding on it to the nth degree. What does...