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Shadow Warrior Latest News

15 minute Shadow Warrior 2 trailer shows co-op, bows, and new melee options

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I know, I know, your eyes are red raw from watching endless video game trailers over the past couple of weeks, but you should check out this new trailer for Shadow Warrior 2, because it looks cracking.

There's a glimpse at the game's drop-in co-operative play, a look at a few of the new tools that our hero Wang can bring to bear against unfortunate demons, and plenty of jumping about committing acts of unspeakable violence. It's nice

Shadow Warrior 2 is in development, confirms Devolver Digital

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Yes, well, that didn't take long, did it? Only a day after Shadow Warrior developer Flying Wild Hog started teasing a potential sequel to its old-school shooter, publisher Devolver Digital has announced that one is indeed on the way.

Shadow Warrior 2 will continue the adventures of wise-cracking, ass-kicking series protagonist Lo Wang, who's glimpsed in a brief cinematic trailer, along with an old geezer suffering some kind of fit.

Shadow Warrior developer Flying Wild Hog teases a possible sequel

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Developer Flying Wild Hog released a generally well-received modern reboot of cult 1997 shooter Shadow Warrior back in 2013 (we certainly liked it), and it looks like they're ready to return to the franchise.

"Who wants some more Wang...", tweeted the studio last week, referring to series protagonist Lo Wang, and they followed up by revealing that the possibility of a sequel in the next year or two is "extremely high".

Shadow Warrior and Rise of the Triad crash each other's party

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Shadow Warrior receives a Rise of the Triad crossover, while Rise of the Triad gets a Shadow Warrior crossover. It's crossover craziness.

Shadow's protagonist Lo Wang makes his way into Triad's multiplayer mode, while Triad's survival mode crosses back the other way.

Viscera Cleanup Detail and Shadow Warrior combined to make messy baby

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Viscera Cleanup Detail is an indie game just approved on Steam Greenlight where the player takes on the role of a janitor cleaning up after a messy alien invasion, picking up alien guts and putting them in the trash, and so on.

So, what happens when you mix it up with shooter Shadow Warrior, about a sword wielding modern ninja?

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