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Eight simulators bundled at 96% off with airports, bridges, skyscrapers and more

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Enjoy simulators as a guilty pleasure? We've all been there. Well, Bundle Stars have thrown eight sim titles together and have taken a hatchet to their collective price tag. Extreme Sims for just £2.88.

It includes Ship Simulator Extremes, Lunar Flight, Dogfight 1942, Bridge It, Airport Simulator 2014, Skyscraper Simulator, Agricultural Simulator and Woodcutter Simulator 2013.

Paradox announce Ship Simulator Extremes Collection

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All add-on and DLC released to date will be bundled in the Ship Simulator Extremes Collection, which will hit retailers June 19th, reveals Paradox. It's tagged with an RRP of €29.99/$29.99.

It gives fans "hundreds of hours of maritime seafaring realism" as you captain accurately recreated sea craft, from small to big. 10 new vessels, gameplay and campaigns await.

Ship Simulator Extremes to be Released with a Multiplayer Mode

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Paradox Interactive and developer VSTEP today announced that Ship Simulator Extremes will feature a robust multiplayer mode. The new multiplayer mode allows up to 24 players to take on the elements in different vessels.

Sail online with your friends and fellow captains and take on your own freeroaming missions in the multiplayer mode. A Co-op mode is scheduled for release at a later date.

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