Shortest Trip to Earth Summary

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Sci-fi Roguelike Shortest Trip to Earth Flies Out of Early Access Today

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After a successful stint in Early Access, Shortest Trip to Earth's full release is finally here, alongside an update that adds the final set of sectors and more.

Shortest Trip To Earth Leaves Early Access Later This Month

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Rogue-like space sim Shortest Trip To Earth is slated for full release later this month, alongside its final sectors and other additions.

Shortest Trip to Earth Coming Out in October

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The top-down interstellar real-time strategy is going to spend some time in Early Access before getting a full official release.

Roguelike Spaceship Simulator 'Shortest Trip to Earth' Coming Out This Year

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Love the idea of captaining a space vessel that is always at the brink of falling apart, but don't want to wait around for the next 20-50 years until the tech is there? Well, here's something for your tastes.