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SiN Episodes: Emergence Reviews


SiN Episodes: Emergence Review

The bottom line for Sin Episodes: Emergence is that it has some nice features which make it better than an average FPS.

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Not bad, if a little formulaic · by chiroho ·

Sin Episodes: Emergence is not Half Life 2. It may have the same graphics engine, but it's definitely not the same game.

Sin Episodes: Emergence came onto the scene with a lot of expectations. It was using the incredible Half Life 2 engine, it was being distributed over Steam, and it was a game that everyone remembered as breaking new ground in the FPS genere, only to be completely left behind by Half Life. Now, almost like some sort of fairy tale, Ritual and Valve were doing things together. So it was going to be awesome, right? Not so much.

Truthfully, the game isn't half bad. The graphics are good, and watching your oponents heads gib when you get in a good head shot or gun stock to the head was most impressive. So were the swathes of blood covering the walls. But it just didn't go on from there. The plot was somewhat staid, with little to really draw you in. Your character is either a mute or some sort of mime, saying no more than a couple of words in the whole game. Your side-kicks aren't really all that amusing for the time they're around, which isn't very much. You only get a couple of weapons, and only fight a couple of different types of enemies for the most part - easy kills, and ones that certainly aren't.

Don't get me wrong though, this isn't a bad game. It's short, you can probably get through the whole thing in one sitting, but you get to do a lot of killing and maining. Is there anything more you want from a FPS? The weapons are well modelled, with the Magnum being very impressive. The button 2 fire on all the weapons is very cool as well, especially the tracer effects from the Magnum. It would have been nice to have more weapons available, but that's what it is. And blasting your way through the first part of the game is also fun - though being continally shredded later in the game isn't so pleasant.

So would I spend $20 on the game again (actually it was $18 but who's counting)? Probably not. Wait until it hits the bargain bin. Will I buy the next chapter? Not unless it's a lot better than the first one! Still, I've enjoyed the time I spent playing it, so it's certainly not a total waste.

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