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Slender: The Arrival Summary


Slender: The Arrival Review

Chris Capel says there's trouble close at hand, you better pay attention now 'cause he's the Slender Man.

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Majesco's indie label Midnight City announces new indie releases

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Publisher Majesco Entertainment has just named some new indie titles for PC, Xbox Live and PSN being distributed under their new Midnight City label, specifically founded to handle indie projects.

Krautscape, Double Dragon: Neon and Slender: The Arrival are part of their latest batch of games. They're all coming to PC via Steam, except Slender who already released.

Bundle Stars offering 7 indie games for $3.50 USD

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Bundle Stars has announced a new Indie Capsule Bundle that will include seven games on Steam for the price of $3.50 USD. Individually, the games would collectively cost $55.

Slender: The Arrival arrives on Steam

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Majesco's indie brand Midnight City has announced that recently Steam Greenlighted game Slender: The Arrival is now available on Steam. The game, normally running $9.99 USD, has a launch special of $7.99.

Slender: The Arrival hitting Steam on the 28th October

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Midnight City, the recently founded indie label of Majesco Entertainment Company, has announced that developer Blue Isle Studios' horror title Slender: The Arrival will be on Steam on the 28th October.

Teaser trailer for Slender: The Arrival released

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The teaser trailer for the sequel Mark Hadley's indie horror hit Slender: The Eight Pages, titled Slender: The Arrival has been released.

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