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Sniper: Ghost Warrior Review

Missing its mark.


Sniper: Ghost Warrior Review

Instead of screaming "Boom Head Show", Sniper: Ghost Warrior will make you scream “why, why, why?" (PC, Xbox 360)

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It looks nice on the outside, but when you ... · by Smartcom5 ·

The pre-upshot:
Sniper: Ghost Warrior still goes alongside the rumors and my own opinion and forecast;

It's all show and no substance.

The game looks great and has superior light- and shadow-effects, no doubt about it.

It's in my humble opinion on the same level like OF:DR², CoD4 – a little bit more than BF².
But it appears to be a bit delicately – don't know how to convey it.
It doesn't seems to be robust and full-fledged like 'Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare'.
There are often skippin' textures, flickering and stuff like that (which it's not driver/graphic-cards dependent).

One word; Measly.
The AI is disastrous, it's simply inexistent.
There are unbelievable scenes and things which aren't acceptable.

You care for an example?
The situation:
I tried several times to invade and cross a village while remaining undiscovered, so far the plan.
Notwithstanding the grass is about 3 feet tall and i prone in my almost magical 'Special SpecOps Marksmen Sniper camouflage suit' – which is pretty cool and a soldiers dream to look at it – i got a headshot from 800 meters for free.

So i decide to make the Rambo.
I went to engage the village with all the firepower i got, and as obvious and loud as possible.
In the end, you probably guess it;
I watch in awe two enemies shootin' – for whatever sake ?! – a freakin stone and foist the stones dead?
I knifed both.
Any questions ?

In general the AI gets and hits you, wherever and behinds whatever cover you are – mostly with a headshot.

It makes no difference if you're well covered in endless-tall grass or behind the thickest wall, or if you're roam freely on the highest exposed places.
The Cover-Meter (witch is [at best] useless) indicates me on the first situation i was exposed and on the other hand i was nearly invisible.

Freely exposed while hidin' hundreds of meters away in grass or behind walls.
And virtual unseeable staying on-top of a HMMWV
while shootin' at an enemy just a footstep away.

No further questions, Your Honour.

The performance is abysmal.
The graphic is, let's say, 2008's measures adapted and meets barely todays standards.
But the for this purpose needed performance and processing power, speechless.

And no, i didn't forgot the multiplayer.
It's just not worth mentioning.

My conclusion:
Sniper: Ghost Warrior joins seamlessly todays line-up of games which got nice graphics but crappy and buggy gameplay/AI/whatsoever.

From this point of view, it's dure but true, S:GW puts itself on the same level as SC:C, CoD:BO, OF:DR² and so on.

All that glimmers isn't gold.

In this sense


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