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Bugged and poor. · by paelleon ·

I loved all the previous two SOF games, I hoped this will match their high quality standards, but I am disappointed.
Other than a good graphic, that is irrelevant, the game gas nothing to offer. Poor sounds, no music, ridicolous story, even the weapons behaviour and interaction is clearly too much arcade and the health system is taken directly from Call Of Duty 4.
The action is always the same, kill all, no stealth, no squad support (I havn't played it fully though, but it's so boring), all is like the most pure arcade FPS. Unfortunatly the old SOF 2 was much more.
To make things worse the game is clearly bugged, most of the times you cannot harm your opponent from a different position or distance than that the programmers want. Other times the enemy is invincible, I shooted two magazines of AK at point blank to this man and he simply killed me with his dagger.
Too bad for the SOF family.

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