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Space Empires: V Reviews


Space Empires: V Review

SEV doesn't bring anything new to the table but it is a refinement of the genre.

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The school is teaching again. · by paelleon ·

No incredible graphic with light sourcing, bump mapping, antialiasing, vertex lightning and all those useless craps that makes games slow and players dumb.
Here we are with an old school, hex map, turn based, space strategy game and a wonderful game it is. Finally someone beated the old Master of Orion! This is truly the best space strategy game today. Every aspect of the game can be manipulated: planet enviroment, ship building, races, minister AIs, solar systems (destroying stars is my hobby), etc. Diplomacy is very well implemented with dozens of options to choose from.
And most importantly, the reseach tree is HUGE! You will never complete it!
Only such great games makes you tell:"One...more...turn"!!!

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