Space Hulk: Tactics Summary

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First Major Update Released for Space Hulk: Tactics

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"Terminator AI is now less prone to kill its own teammates when burning a room."

Space Hulk: Tactics Reveals Genestealer Campaign Details

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The creepy bastards get not only a campaign of their own, but also a wildly different kind of gameplay from that of the Astartes.

We've Got The Release Date For Space Hulk: Tactics, As Well As A Gameplay Trailer

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It's Space Hulk: prettier, cooler, and more brutal than ever before.

Space Hulk: Tactics is a new take on the Space Hulk franchise from Cyanide Studio

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Space Hulk: Tactics is different from most video game adaptations of the Space Hulk brand, because it lets you in engage in turn-based tactical battles through a full campaign as either the Terminators or the Genestealers.

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