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A unique mix of strategy and RPG mechanics that miraculously loses very few of either.

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SpellForce 3 Patch Notes - Public Test Branch Added

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Grimlore and THQ seem to update their game nearly daily, and we got all the patch notes, hotfixes and update details for the RTS/RPG title!

THQ Nordic Announce Release Dates For Battle Chasers, ELEX And SpellForce 3 Ahead Of E3

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E3 is dead! It certainly isn't, but we're seeing more and more big information drops and leaks come out before what used to be a time for great waves of excitement. Potentially aiming to dodge the information rush, THQ Nordic have announced the release dates for their 3 big 2017 titles.

Nordic Games combine RPG and RTS to create SpellForce 3

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Nordic Games are creating SpellForce 3 by blending two very popular genres: RPG and RTS.

SpellForce 3 takes place prior to the events of SpellForce: The Order of Dawn. Nordic Games promises this prequel will “immerse players in the lush and luxuriant fantasy world of Eo”.

Grimlore Games founded by Nordic Games, new studio focuses on SpellForce 3

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Publisher Nordic Games has opened studio Grimlore Games in Munich, which is comprised of experienced developers from series such as The Settlers, Knights and Merchants, Cultures and SpellForce.

Grimlore will be sticking with PC development for 'core gamers', specifically blending role-playing with strategy. Nordic describes this in-house studio as a "significant step" for the growing publisher.

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