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EA’s latest PC adventure is an attempt to bring forth a scale unforeseen in video gaming. It is a game that takes the player on a journey from...

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Maxis hiring for "new AAA PC game," part of studio's "strategy for growth"

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SimCity developer Maxis is looking for a new Director of Product Development or Senior Development Director, as the studio gears up for a "new AAA PC game!" They want experience with "AAA and/or mobile game franchises."

The good news is that Maxis is developing a PC exclusive, and it's a 'big project', but what does this mean for SimCity? Are they committing to a sequel or another IP?

Maxis GDC event ignites SimCity rumours

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Could EA Maxis be thinking of a new SimCity instalment? It's a tenuous hope at best. EA has announced that Maxis will be a part of their Game Changer event at GDC, held March 6th.

Of the Maxis event they tease a "huge event w/ special guests." The Facebook for Game Changer asks what would you do if you had the "power to change the world?"

Maxis working on new "triple-A simulation style game"

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The house that built SimCity, The Sims and Spore is now cooking up some new kind of "simulation style game" reveals a job post for EA Maxis. The studio is after a Graphics Engineer.

The Sims is handled by a dedicated studio so it shouldn't be touching the franchise. Could we get a glorious return to SimCity though? Could Spore get a full sequel? What of Darkspore?

Blizzard 'surprised' by Diablo III backlash

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Members of the Blizzard team have expressed "surprise" at the backlash by the gaming community for the announcement that Diablo III would require an internet connection to play, and that they weren't buying the idea that it wasn't DRM, but a way to make sure there was a level playing ground online.

GDC 2011: Will Wright has new games planned

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Will Wright has announced at the Game Developers Conference that he's working on his first new game project since Spore, which was released in 2008.

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