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Star Citizen 3.1 Patch Notes

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Star Citizen's 3.1.0 Alpha build is now live and playable for all backers, introducing a bunch of new features to the small snippet of the persistent universe that is currently available.

"Cheat Prevention In Star Citizen And Squadron 42 Is A Priority For Us" Says Cloud Imperium Games

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If you're looking to cheat your way through the galaxies of Star Citizen; go ahead! Just expect a permanent ban from the game if you're caught. It's only fair.

Star Citizen's First-Person Shooter Mode Is Closer Than We Thought - Player Testing Available Now

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Likely spurred on by the voices of distress from the Star Citizen community, it's long-delayed FPS mode will finally see a release.

Follow The Star Citizen Development Schedule With This Official Roadmap

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If the original crowdfunding campaign was to be believed, we would have been playing Star Citizen in its 'final form' a long time ago. Sure, it would have been vastly different to their current vision, but we likely wouldn't still be thinking about it. Now, Cloud Imperium Games has released a roadmap of sorts so we can follow their regularly missed dates.

Play Star Citizen For Free Until The End Of The Month

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Whether they're just feeling generous or slightly nervous over the single-player delay, the folks behind the hefty space simulator Star Citizen have flicked the switch on what can only be described as a 'Free Week' event.

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